Large Room Cooling

Large Room Data Center Cooling Solutions

Large room data center cooling solutions from Vertiv/Liebert offer you exceptional thermal management for your large scale environment. These units boast a variety of configurations, including raised-floor and ducted applications. They also provide air, water, chilled liquid, glycol, and EconoPhase options. These large room cooling solutions are available in sizes from 8 – 60 tons (28 – 240 kW). Need help to select the right equipment? Try our Thermal Management Selection Tool to get a customized recommendation.

Liebert DS Direct Expansion Cooling System

As the world’s most flexible and reliable direct expansion data center cooling system, the Liebert DS improves data center efficiency and protection. The system uses the industry’s most advanced thermal controls and features a modular design, multiple compressor options and easy service access.

Liebert DSE​ Free Cooling System, 50-165kW

Up to 70% more energy efficient than alternative technologies, this thermal management solution is scalable, ensuring that the data center receives the right amount of cooling year-round, and also accommodating future growth and changing data center loads.

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