Liebert Challenger ITR, Row-Based Precision Cooling System, 23 and 33kW

This product is discontinued.

Liebert Challenger ITR is a horizontal airflow precision cooling unit that fits within a row of equipment racks. It draws hot air in through the extended rear door and supplies chilled conditioned air through a low profile, cold aisle discharge plenum.

Liebert Challenger ITR is available in nominal 23kW or 33kW capacity, 60Hz. 50Hz models also available. Air-cooled, water-cooled, glycol-cooled, GLYCOOL, chilled water and split system configurations. The horizontal airflow pattern is suitable for raised or non-raised floors.


  • Installs within the row of racks
  • Precision cooling and humidity control
  • Offers multiple cooling configurations
  • Provides advanced controls for efficient operation
  • Benefits

    • Low profile, cold aisle discharge plenum is easily reconfigured to change supply air direction, and is designed to accommodate overhead IT cabling.
    • Adjustable cooling capacity allows you to match heat load to reduce compressor cycling.
    • Split system configurations remove compressor noise from the data center for quieter operation.
    • Offers two levels of microprocessor control systems.
    • Fits aesthetically in the row — same depth as common server racks (1100mm – 43”).
    • Offers a full range of configurations — self-contained or split systems; air, water, glycol, GLYCOOL, and chilled water cooling.
    • Customizable, with two humidifier and four reheat options.
    • Provides enhanced temperature control with optional SCR-controlled reheat.
    Higher Availability
    • Based on a proven cooling platform — Liebert Challenger 3000.
    • Compatible with Liebert remote monitoring and control products.
    • Maximizes serviceability, with all service performed quickly and easily through the front and rear doors.
    • Requires only front and rear access, minimizing footprint requirement while providing ample room for service.
    • Features reliable refrigeration components, such as a scroll compressor and V-Frame evaporator coil, all factory pre-piped, wired, and tested in a rugged, easy-access tubular-steel frame.
    Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership
    • Utilizes energy efficient scroll compressor.
    • Minimizes short cycling and other wasteful operating patterns with fast response microprocessor controls.
    • Energy efficient GLYCOOL configuration utilizes low outdoor temperatures to reduce compressor operation.
    Ideally Suited For
    • Data centers
    • Network closets
    • Raised or non-raised floors