Liebert Series PB Indoor Condenser, 16-98.4kW

Liebert Series PB air-cooled condensers support indoor applications where outdoor heat rejection is not practical, such as high-rise buildings or areas with restricted access.


{{eybullet}}Indoor condenser matched to Liebert brand cooling systems{{eybullet}}Available in ten models ranging from 16 to 98.4kW (4.6 to 28 tons), 60Hz or 50Hz.{{eybullet}}Connects easilyInstalls adjacent to the cooling unit with through-the-wall ductwork; remote locations up to 150 feet are also possible.{{eybullet}}Single or dual circuit models{{eybullet}}Operates at outdoor temperatures as low as -30°F (-34.4°C) with included Liebert Lee-Temp system{{eybullet}}Double width, double inlet, balanced centrifugal fan with sealed, permanently lubricated bearings. standard dual v-belts.{{eybullet}}Integral electrical panel that houses fuses, motor starters and overloads


{{eybullet}}Small footprint{{eybullet}}Flexible configurations, with front or top air discharge.{{eybullet}}Rugged construction and less wear and tear{{eybullet}}Easy installation - delivered fully wired, piped and tested{{eybullet}}Supports fast plan approval and building inspection with CSA agency approval