​NetSure 531 A41​

The NetSure™ 531 A41 series embedded high frequency switch mode power supply system was designed based on its years of experiences in development and running to meet the need of to deliver reliable and uninterruptible DC power supply for the LTE in-building solutions, FTTx broadband multi-solutions, macro station and outdoor cabinet.


  • Great savings in installation cost due to its small size and embedded installation.
  • Wide input voltage range (85Vac to 300Vac), strong ability in adapting power grid.
  • Rectifier working temperature range: -40°C +80°C (full load output if the range is -40°C +55°C, derating output if exceeding 55°C).
  • Perfect lightning protection at AC side, DC side and signal side.
  • Efficiency of rectifier is above 96%, efficiency of system is above 95%.
  • Battery management, which prolongs the working life of battery.
  • Provide multiple communication ports such as RS232, Ethernet port, dry contacts, etc, for flexible networking to achieve remote monitoring.

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