​NetSure 701

The NetSure™ 701 series power supply system was designed based on its years of experiences in development and running to meet the need of transportation and electric power industries. The system offers an outstanding power per footprint ratio. It can be optimized to cost-effectively to meet initial requirements, whilst allowing for easy expansion in the future.


  • Provides up to 77 kW per system, can be expanded up to 154 kW.
  • Can be installed against a wall.
  • Front access and top cabling design for installation and maintenance.
  • Cost effectively, allows for easy expansion, local/remote control and supervision via advanced controller.
  • Rectifier working temperature range from -40°C to 75°C, strong ability to work in high temperate environment.
  • Rectifier with digital signal processing control and comprehensive soft-switch technology, raising the rated efficiency up to 96%.
  • Hot pluggable rectifier module, provide ease and fast online maintenance.
  • Provides lightning protection design on both AC side and DC side.
  • Provides comprehensive fault alarm, fault protection function.
  • Perfect battery management, which prolongs battery life.
  • Easy asset management with rectifier ID number identification function.