VERTIV™ Power Module

VERTIV™ Power Module enables you to deploy isolated, power-dense, critical infrastructure capacity just in time to meet your business demands.


VERTIV™ Power Module leverages core VERTIV™ Critical Power and Thermal Management technologies to deliver a simple, yet robust design that grows with your needs at the most critical locations. VERTIV™ Power Module incorporates:

  • Liebert® EXL S1 UPS offering industry-leading power density and proven reliability
  • Multiple switchboard configurations offering distribution options for both critical (UPS-protected) and non-critical downstream loads
  • Flexible incoming and outgoing power connections, overhead or underfloor, that can match the site architecture you choose
  • Breaker-based normal to emergency power automated transfer
  • Integral energy storage with VRLA batteries
  • Redundant Liebert® thermal management units with air containment – ensuring optimal operating conditions for all subsystems, even in the event of utility power loss
  • Clean agent fire suppression to reliably protect assets in the event of a fire All subsystems are factory installed into a secure, weatherproof, and transportable enclosure – simplifying and drastically shortening on-site time required to install and startup, and reducing the potential for risk, quality, or schedule delays. The entire VERTIV™ Power Module and its sub-systems are designed to minimize additional work required at site – from arrival onsite to startup and commissioning in just days instead of months.