AMCO Data Center Products

With over 70 years of experience, AMCO Enclosures is a recognized leader in the design, manufacture and integration of standard or custom electronic racks and cabinets for all segments of industry.


Titan DT racks provide the industry’s highest load ratings for your IT infrastructure by utilizing multi-formed channels, a fully welded frame and side uni-struts.

AMCO Spartan

Spartan preconfigured enclosures ship completely assembled and offer a high quality, cost effective solution for mounting your IT components.

AMCO Aisle Containment

AMCO’s Hot Aisle and Cold Aisle Containment Systems prevent air mixing and establishes separation of hot exhausted air and cold supplied air.

AMCO Seismic ZN4 DT

Titan ZN4 data racks have been engineered, tested and certified to GR-63-CORE, providing security for high density server and networking cabinets in IT settings and data rooms that have a high risk of exposure to seismic events and ground vibrations.

AMCO Titan Cable Management

AMCO’s Titan Cable Management rack (TCM) is a high density, open architecture cable management system that establishes pathways for large volume network cabling.

AMCO Powerwhips

Powerwhips are an essential part of the data center power flow — from off-site facilities to equipment power cords — and selecting the right whip improves Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and reduces operational costs in the data center.

AMCO DWM Wall Mount Rack

The DWM wall mount cabinet has been designed as a cost effective smaller system solution for mounting electronics equipment in secured and non-secured areas