Commercial / Industrial HVAC Products

Commercial & Industrial HVAC Systems

Joe Powell and Associates delivers data center cooling, heating and humidity control solutions through a wide variety of commercial & industrial HVAC systems designed by leading manufacturers. Keep your critical data safe from temperature and humidity damage. Browse our selection of products below and click the links to learn more. Contact us today for more information.

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Hitachi Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems: 4 – 36 ton condensing units: cassette, ceiling exposed or recessed, wall, floor exposed or recessed air side. Mini-Split (Ductless) Single Zone Systems: ¾ – 5 ton Condensing Units in 5 efficiencies; wall, cassette, floor or ducted air side. Mini-Split Multi-Zone: 1 ½ – 3 ½ ton in 2 efficiencies; wall, cassette, floor or ducted air side.

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Complete lineup of 18 pump styles ranging up to 75,000 GPM and discharge pressures to 2,100 feet.  New Design features make all pump designs repair and maintenance friendly. Quick ship programs available.

Capital Cold Air

Replacement coils (DX, chilled water, hot water, steam) with 3, 5, and 10-day quick ship programs available.  Fan coils to 2200 CFM and Blower coils to 12,000 CFM. Two and four-week quick ship programs available.

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Let CosaTron make a difference with every breath you take. CosaTron has been at the forefront of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) technology for over 60 years with over 33,000 installations worldwide.

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Premium manufacturer of custom air handling, Air cooled, and evaporative cooled roof top DX units, Indirect and Direct Evaporative Cooling and energy recovery systems.


Humidification systems:  High pressure atomizing up to 500 lb/hr., Immersion electrode steam generators up to 250 lb/hr., Resistive element steam generators up to 90 lb/hr., Central steam systems type up to 2000 lb/hr.,  Steam to steam systems up to 700 lb/hr.

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Plate-frame gasketed heat exchangers, single and double wall, approach temps to 1°F,  AHRI certification, brazed copper heat exchangers and high pressure/temperature welded heat exchangers.

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Custom air handlers indoor or outdoor, Custom DX rooftop, Energy Recovery Units (ERU’s) 100% Outside Air Units (OAU’s)


Pre-engineered/factory built chilled water,  boiler, pumping and heat exchange modules.  Quick delivery with guarantees on performance.

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Ultraviolet light for use as permanent coil/condensate pan cleaning, air stream disinfection, Photo-catalytic oxidation for neutralization of VOC’s and odors, activated carbon panel filtration.

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