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Vertiv/Liebert and Related Products

Vertiv, a global technology company, protects and optimizes critical infrastructure for data centers, communication networks, and healthcare, higher education, manufacturing and industrial facilities.

The Liebert brand specializes in the development and manufacture of uninterruptible power systems (UPS), power distribution units (PDU), precision cooling, thermal management, server rack cabinets and enclosures, infrastructure monitoring management solutions, DC power systems and connectivity technologies. The ASCO brand specializes in the development and manufacture of SPD, automatic transfer switches, Switchgear and monitoring.

Surge Suppression

Surge Suppression products from Raycap and Southern Tier, to protect your critical energy infrastructure and provide monitoring and response solutions.


For more than six decades, Generac has driven innovation in the industry by evaluating the common problems involved in specifying, configuring, installing and maintaining generators, and creating unique solutions to make Generac the best choice.

Superior Tray Systems Inc.

Superior Tray Systems Inc. is a technology based engineering group, designing and manufacturing the highest quality engineered cable bus systems and complementary s systems (trenched, walkway and support) in the industry.

Packet Power

Monitor critical equipment liked HVAC, generators, switchgear, and select high value circuits on a panel.

Battery Systems

Sealed Valve Regulated (VRLA) and Flooded Battery Systems specifically designed for each mission critical application. Specifying the correct battery system for each application is critical to maximizing reliability in your UPS system.