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Wireless AC Power Monitors

Multi Circuit Monitors

Multi-Circuit Monitors

Monitor critical equipment liked HVAC, generators, switchgear, and select high value circuits on a panel. Custom-built to buyer specifications cutting installation time in half.

Branch Circuit Monitors

Branch Circuit Monitors

Monitor panelboards, RPPs or PDUs from any vendor to allocate energy costs, avoid unplanned outages, identify underutilized power and balance load across phases. Designed for retrofit installations, work on any panel board.

Smart Power Cables

Smart Power Cables

The simplest, most cost-effective way to add metering to any device that has a plug. Monitor SANs, mainframes and switches. Convert a basic PDU to a smart PDU in seconds.

Wireless DC Power Monitors

Dc Power Monitors

DC Power Monitors

Ideal solution for monitoring power usage in 48V DC facilities for capacity planning and operations management. Allows monitoring out at the cabinet and battery strings and avoids the need to install large numbers of CTs at the battery fuse distribution bay.

Wireless Environmental Monitors

Wireless Environmental Monitors

Environmental Monitors

Measure temperature, relative humidity, differential pressure, basic dry contact status and detect leaks. Real-time insight can be used to identify hot spots, optimize airflow, optimize heating and cooling, and be alerted to environmental changes that may lead to costly problems.

Power and Environmental Monitoring Software

Emx Energy Portal

EMX Energy Portal

The easiest, fastest path to insights. Use any web browser to see top level or detailed power and environmental data, examine usage trends and get alerts. EMX can be online and commissioned in a fraction of the time and cost of conventional BMS and DCIMs while still delivering the critical information needed to operate and optimize your facility.

Monitoring Solutions by Application

Branch Circuit Monitoring

Allocate energy costs, avoid outages and balance loads with Packet Power’s flexible branch circuit monitoring system. It comes fully pre-configured and avoids the need to run data communications wiring. Extends useful life of existing equipment. Non-disruptive installation.

HVAC Energy Optimization

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems can be one of the largest power users in a facility. Multi-circuit power and environmental monitors provide the information needed to raise temperatures without raising risk and effectively manage power use to increase efficiency.

Data Center Retrofit

Older data centers don’t have to compromise on operations intelligence. Packet Power’s remote monitors and monitoring software can be added to just about any facility without breaking the budget. The system easily scales allowing managers to start small and grow as results lead to approval for additional investment.

Energy Benchmarking

Energy costs are a significant portion of a facility’s operating budget. Energy benchmarking shows energy use of a single facility over time, a facility’s use relative to similar facilities, or a facility’s use compared to a desired standard. Multi-circuit monitors provide the information needed to improve efficiency and quantify energy savings.

Facility Submetering

Tracking energy consumption at the equipment, room, department, or tenant level is the foundation for allocating costs, comparing usage across similar entities over time, identifying and eliminating wasted energy, and detecting possible problems before critical equipment fails. Packet Power’s multi-circuit power monitors deliver accurate, real-time energy usage information for facility submetering.

Generator & Transfer Switch Monitoring

Every piece of equipment in your facility serves a purpose, but some equipment is critical. Knowing the operational status of this equipment at all times is key. Wireless multi-circuit monitors can alert when the transfer switch activates and the back-up generator powers on. And because the data is accessible from anywhere, you don’t have to be physically present to view real-time status.

Energy Cost Allocation

Energy costs are often a significant portion of operating costs and it makes sense to allocate these costs based on your business strategy – actual use, peak use, average use in a specified time frame, or number of times use exceeds threshold. Packet Power’s power monitoring systems provide the full range of information needed to execute your business strategy.

Remote Temperature Monitoring

Smart buildings prevent problems. Temperature changes can be the difference between well-running and overheated equipment, safe and spoiled food, productive and grumpy employees, running water and frozen water pipes that burst. Packet Power’s remote temperature monitoring systems make your building smarter and keep you out of crisis.

Packet Power monitoring solutions are used to address a wide variety of business needs. Fill out the form at the top of this page to request more information about additional applications.

Monitoring Solutions by Industry

Packet Power serves companies around the world spanning over 25 industries including:

Data Centers

Managing power and environmental conditions well is the key to extending the life of data centers. Monitoring information is used to allocate operating costs, ensure power is being used effectively, minimize cooling costs, avoid hot spots that can lead to unplanned outages and track compliance with regulations and service level agreements. Packet Power is the data center industry’s most widely used wireless power and environmental monitoring system.

Colo Companies

Colocation services providers host a secure data center infrastructure that must be available 24×7. They need information to offer compelling pricing structures, ensure SLAs are met, and lower costs by improving energy efficiency and extending facility life. Packet Power’s wireless power and environmental monitoring systems provide the flexibility, cross-vendor support, price point and ease of deployment that this demanding market requires.


Retailers want to optimize their customers’ experience while operating as efficiently as possible. Power and environmental monitoring assures managers that heating and cooling systems are operating, the lights are on when they should be and water isn’t where it shouldn’t be. Monitoring also identifies areas for increasing energy efficiency without impacting the customer experience.

Energy Services (ESCOs)

ESCOs provide a wide range of energy solutions including energy savings, retrofitting and energy conservation projects. ESCOs use Packet Power’s power and environmental monitors and EMX to baseline, design new solutions, implement and measure cost saving results.


Local, regional and national government agencies strive to deliver public services effectively. Power and environmental monitoring data ensures the facilities in which these services are offered is done as efficiently as possible. Packet Power wireless monitoring systems install quickly, operate remotely, and require virtually no ongoing maintenance enabling a low cost solution for organizations on tight budgets.

Stadiums & Event Centers

Managing large event facilities can be exciting and also present unique challenges. Demands on the power and HVAC systems vary vastly by type of event and time of year. Multi-circuit and environmental monitoring helps facility managers save money, allocate costs and optimize their visitors’ experience.


Telecommunications companies provide critical infrastructure and must be available every minute of every day. AC and DC power monitoring provides the information to know that facilities are operating smoothly during normal operations as well as times of unusually high demand. Packet Power’s compact and flexible 48V DC power monitors are ideal for Telco facilities enabling energy benchmarking and capacity planning.


College and university facility managers strive to provide a safe, comfortable physical environment enabling their campus to attract the best students, faculty and staff. Rising utility costs, tight budgets, environmental goals, and strong competition require power monitoring solutions that increase energy efficiency, reduce costs and extend the life of critical systems.

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