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Technology in the education sector is on a dramatic rise and is only going to continue. With the speed in which IT changes, many schools and school districts are looking to technology solution companies for the expertise, guidance, and tools they need to deliver world-class education at all times.

Updated IT infrastructure, edge networks, centralized data centers, and IT management services are key line items at the top of school budgets, so it’s important to find a technology partner who not only values your investment but also provides state-of-the-art products and services.

Computers, tablets, smartphones, and smartboards already reside in almost every K-12 school across the country. And as IoT (Internet of Things) is expected to boom, you could experience bandwidth, latency, and reliability issues. This is where Vertiv’s Edge technologies lead the industry.

As a representative of Vertiv solutions, we give you access to the world’s leading provider of data center solutions, edge network equipment, and IT server room technologies. Here are some key areas where we can help you deliver world-class education. 

Reliable Power 

When education went virtual in the spring of 2020, reliable power systems became a must. K-12 schools have mission-critical devices that must remain up and running to ensure there is no lapse in learning. The pandemic put massive strains on network bandwidth, security, and system uptime. Networks protected by Vertiv systems performed at peak performance and uptime allowing students to continue learning in the midst of world-wide technology challenges.

Vertiv manufactures a full spectrum of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to meet every need from the enterprise data center to the edge closet in your local networks. For the best power conditioning combined along with an external generator the GXT5 is the recommended solution. For a rack-mounted line-interactive UPS, the PSI5 is a perfect option. Along with the UPS solution to meet all of your power needs, Vertiv also offers a full line of power distribution equipment. Selecting Vertiv power and distribution systems, you will have confidence knowing your school’s technology won’t fail.

Space and Organization 

With technology in education increasing at such a rapid pace, some schools aren’t equipped with adequate space to house all the critical IT elements. Our data center racks and containment systems, server rack cabinets and other enclosure solutions provide exceptional organization and space optimization. Whether you need rack systems for the data center or your edge networks, we have the perfect solution to meet your containment needs.;

If you’re rushed for time and need a consistent scalable rack solution, the Vertiv VR Rack comes delivered, ready for high density environments to serve your mission-critical needs. The Vertiv VR Rack will meet your network closet demands, including:

  • Support for all rack-based equipment and delivers 2.5 inches of additional useable depth over competitor racks.
  • Full complement of accessories including cable management, airflow management, shelves, handles, and support brackets.
  • Tool-less design enables easy equipment installation, adjustments and service.
  • Save time and money by pre-integrating Vertiv Geist rPDUs with the VR Rack.
  • Available in 8 standard sizes with a full depth adjustability of the 19” rails.
  • Doors that have 77% perforation and can be hinged on either side.
  • Two dual purpose full height depth adjustable PDU / cable management brackets mounted in the zero U space with tool-less button mounting of rack.
  • 42U frame height that allows for the rack to pass through standard doors on casters.
  • Simple external baying, which allows for metric baying or on 24” center.
  • Split side panels with single locking slam latch, allowing simple removal / installation.

Data Protection and Reliability 

As technology yields more individualized learning and data assessment for students, safety and security are essential for your school district’s data centers. More data is being collected across a wide array of devices, and all of them transmit that data to improve the learning experience. In order to provide world-class education, technology systems must be reliable and usable.

We offer a full line of Professional Assessment Services to help identify gaps in power and cooling infrastructure, reduce operating costs, improve IT system availability, and plan for additional IT capacity.

A full range of Vertiv Services professional assessments have been designed to encourage informed decisions that enhance the performance of your data center and edge network needs.

Are you looking for an IT solutions partner to walk alongside you as you customize a data center that meets your school district’s specific needs? Contact us today to more about how our products can help you deliver world-class education.

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