Alber Universal Xplorer Telecom Monitor (UXTM)

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The Universal Xplorer Telecom Monitor (UXTM) is a stationary battery monitor designed for use in telecommunications or in DC powered data centers. The system architecture is a flexible design for monitoring virtually any battery configuration using VLA, VRLA or NiCd technologies in 24 to 48VDC applications.


  • Overall string voltage
  • Individual cell/block voltages
  • Individual cell/block temperatures
  • String discharge current
  • String float current
  • String ripple current
  • Ambient temperatures
  • Internal cell/block resistance test
  • Intercell and intertier connection resistance test
  • Form C contact for battery parameter or hardware alarm
  • Supports MODBUS (via RS-485 and Ethernet) SNMP and SMTP (via Ethernet) protocols


  • Monitors 24V to 48V battery configurations of VLA Wet Cells, VLRA Modules and NiCad batteries
  • Monitor up to four strings in parallel
  • Embedded Web server for real-time viewing, automatic data collection, data analysis, and report generation
  • Integrates into building management systems Higher Availability
  • Scans pertinent battery parameters every 4 seconds
  • Automatic proactive internal DC resistance tests
  • Discharges are automatically detected and data saved for retrieval and playback
  • Trend analysis provides the ability to analyze performance and aid in trouble shooting
  • Maintenance by the Vertiv Services local, factory-trained Customer Engineers promotes proper operation and longer service life for batteries Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • Optimizes useful battery life -- Utilize your batteries longer and with confidence by knowing their true internal condition
  • Provides the data for a battery replacement program, only replacing batteries that are identified as failing
  • Reduces on-site battery preventive maintenance
  • Automate the IEEE Recommended Practices for Battery Maintenance and Testing
  • Maintain complete and accurate maintenance records to comply for regulatory requirements

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