Chloride FP60Z 33 – AC UPS

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Chloride FP60Z 33 – AC UPS | FeatureInfographics

Range of three-phase input and three-phase output AC UPS to provide secure power to critical AC loads up to 250 kVA. The IEC version offers nominal DC voltage of 110 Vdc, 220 Vdc or 400 Vdc.


  • Bi-directional rectifier to perform battery deep discharging tests into the mains
  • Ingress Protection IP42 as standard for harsh environmental conditions
  • Robust design to continuously operate at full load at 40°C
  • Continuous operation on input phase failure as optional feature


Best-in-class performance to optimize expenses:
  • Reduced CAPEX - Upstream transformer,switchgear and cables are downsized thanks to high input power factor, low THDi rejection and low inrush current
  • Controlled OPEX - Lower power consumption thanks to high efficiency
  • Proven digital Vector Control technology to control the output waveform in real time, even on non linear loads Industrial-grade maintainability:
  • Innovative design without heavy power modules and allowing an easy front access to all components
  • Removable ID Cards which safeguard the UPS parameters and facilitate control board replacement Smart access to UPS data:
  • Large colour LCD touch-pad for user interface
  • Embedded event logger (up to 2000 events) and capability to export recorded events via memory stick Industrial flexibility:
  • Fit-for-purpose battery selection
  • Galvanic isolation: either output or input and output transformers
  • Wide range of electrical and mechanical options

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