CR019RA, Air-Cooled, 300mm, 19kW

CR019RA, Air-Cooled, 300mm, 19kW | FeatureInfographics

The Liebert CRV system offers highly flexible, in-row cooling for data centers requiring higher density cooling with greater efficiency and capacity. The system is designed for small and medium data centers or higher density containment applications in large data centers.


  • Air, Chilled Water, Water/Glycol
  • Only row-based product that can independently control temperature and airflow
  • Advanced Liebert iCOM controls with six control modes
  • Variable speed fans
  • Field-adjustable air baffles to direct cold air
  • Controls with up to 20 rack sensors


  • Industry-best efficiency
  • Places cooling closer to the source of the heat
  • Automatic performance optimization with Liebert iCOM™ controls and teamwork modes  

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