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Data centers are dynamic environments that need to be carefully managed to ensure uptime. Electrical assessments are vital tools that help you make informed decisions that enhance the performance and availability of your data center. You will come away with the ability to identify gaps in electrical equipment maintenance, evaluate electrical system design per current IT needs, improve IT system availability, and plan for additional IT capacity.


  • Electrical equipment inventory helps you manage your data center infrastructure assets and plan maintenance
  • Infrared (IR) scans identify defective components and connections before they cause business disruption
  • Single-point-of-failure analysis uncovers vulnerabilities in your electrical infrastructure
  • Single-line diagram verification helps you avoid maintenance and compliance issues
  • Equipment maintenance review helps you determine the best service strategy to avoid unplanned downtime
  • Comprehensive report includes thorough site survey data and clear, detailed recommendations for improvements


  • Improved electrical system availability is achieved through use of information gathered during a thorough assessment and maintenance program review
  • More cost-effective maintenance planning is possible when trouble spots in your data center are analyzed and prioritized
  • Better asset management occurs as a system assessment supports data-driven infrastructure decisions
  • Enhanced system performance and efficiency happens when recommended electrical system adjustments are implemented
  • Less unplanned downtime occurs as information from your assessment helps you eliminate data center vulnerabilities

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