Industrial UPS Preventive Maintenance

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Developing the right maintenance strategy for your DC power system requires
consideration of many factors to build the best maintenance plan for your system. Environmental conditions, operating frequency, and the criticality
of the equipment and operations your system supports will all have an impact.


A comprehensive battery and UPS maintenance program is the most cost-effective measures to ensure reliability, including:
  • Regular inspections
  • Battery, charger, UPS maintenance
  • Capacity testing
  • Mobile DC Power Services
  • Battery monitoring
  • Timely access to spare parts


  • Dramatically increased power system availability occurs as incipient problems are corrected
  • Better mean time between failures (MTBF) is achieved when maintenance is performed by expert technicians
  • Improved critical system reliability happens due to ongoing problem prevention
  • Less unplanned downtime is possible due to regular maintenance and proactive replacement of batteries, UPS, and their critical components.
  • Lower total cost of service is due to the implementation of a maintenance program that optimizes system performance and eliminates emergency repairs

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