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Load demand in your data center changes all the time. But fan speed and airflow from your legacy computer room air conditioning (CRAC) system likely remain constant. What’s more, fan speed is likely set to accommodate peak loads, which rarely exist. As a result, you’re using energy you don’t need and running up costs. Liebert variable speed drive (VSD) upgrade service allows you to match motor speed to changing load demand, reducing energy costs without compromising data center performance.


  • Expert consultation with a Vertiv thermal management professional allows us to determine your cooling goals, identify airflow issues and inefficiencies, and estimate your upgrade return on investment (ROI)
  • Factory-grade installation ensures that your VSD upgrade is installed correctly with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts to optimize cooling system performance
  • System coordination and set point adjustments are completed by Vertiv technicians to further ensure proper system operation
  • One-year warranty on all OEM parts and service protects your investment


  • Increased energy efficiency is achieved by matching fan motor speed and power draw with changing load demands and system requirements
  • Lower utility and operating costs are the result of decreased fan usage
  • Extended equipment life results from reduced wear and tear on fans and motors
  • Reduced maintenance costs are due to easy access to the component, requiring less time to perform preventive maintenance
  • Timely return on investment (ROI) is possible as VSDs generally offer a faster payback than other variable speed fan technologies

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