Liebert XDO, XD Overhead Cooling Module, 17.2-20kW

Overhead cooling module that mounts directly above the cold aisle, requiring no floorspace. It draws in hot air from the hot aisle, then discharges cool air into the cold aisle where the equipment air inlets are located.


  • Cools more than 500W/sq. ft. (5400W/sq. m.)
  • Flexible installation with several connection possibilities
  • Uses pumped refrigerant, which is ideal for use around electronic equipment
  • Complete packaged unit includes enclosure, coils, fan and piping


  • Requires no floor spac
  • Excellent for spot and zone cooling
  • Offers flexible installation
  • Highly scalable expansion without interruption to cooling operations
  • Allows full installation from an existing cold aisle without the need for reaching over existing racks
  • Uses pumped refrigerantIncludes coil, controls, fans and piping for a complete, packaged unit