Permanently Mounted Sensors

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Partial discharge (PD) testing plays a critical role in the health of your electrical assets. But some equipment is hard to access or unsafe to open while energized, making testing a challenge. With permanently mounted sensors, it’s possible to conduct online partial discharge (OLPD) testing without exposing workers to danger or shutting down your critical facility. Testing is safer and more efficient, and you get the critical information you need to optimize your electrical assets.


  • Permanently mounted sensors are placed in hard-to-access equipment with leads connected to ports at convenient locations for easy access
  • Installation takes place during a facility outage or scheduled downtime, but ideally during electrical system installation for new facilities
  • OLPD testing is completed during normal operations, using the sensors for safe and efficient data collection


  • Safer periodic testing without the need for PPE occurs as sensor are placed on equipment that is dangerous to test
  • Increased testing efficiencies that save time and money are possible with sensors mounted in easy-to-access locations
  • Fewer costly scheduled shutdowns are needed to perform testing when you have ongoing, sensor-enabled equipment monitoring
  • Increased system availability happens when sensors provide real-time information on the health of electrical assets