Vertiv XTE 601, 32 RU

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Vertiv XTE 601, 32 RU | FrontView
Vertiv XTE 601, 32 RU | FrontView
Vertiv XTE 601, 32 RU | FrontView
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Vertiv XTE 601 Series of scalable outdoor enclosure solutions is designed to ensure environmental stability for sophisticated electronic equipment, and provide years of trouble-free service wherever the outdoor enclosure is deployed.


{{eybullet}}Multiple climate control solutions including heat exchangers, air conditioners, thermoelectric coolers and free venting{{eybullet}}Integrated backup power and connectivity, assembled and tested prior to shipment{{eybullet}}Versatile material options and configurations for specific customer applications{{eybullet}}Designed to meet NEC, Telcordia GR-487-CORE, and seismic Zone 4 industry standards


{{eybullet}}Increase network reliability and simplify expansion with this scalable platform of enclosures {{eybullet}}Reduce onsite maintenance and extend the life of your equipment {{eybullet}}Minimize energy consumption and noise levels in residential areas{{eybullet}}Standardization simplifies part replacement and field upgrades{{eybullet}}Protect critical electronics and equipment from adverse environmental conditions{{eybullet}}Maintain a cool operating environment with versatile thermal solutions

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