Vertiv XTE PTS Series

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Vertiv XTE PTS Series provides main service disconnect, AC surge protection, AC distribution and generator connection in a single environmentally protected enclosure geared toward remote telecom installations.


  • UL891 listed enclosure and system, UL type 3R rainproof
  • Equipment/ground isolation provides positive grounding for all components
  • Dual polarity active power indicator light
  • Three-point locking system accessed using a 216-type tool, with padlock provisions
  • Aluminum or galvanized construction with stainless steel hardware for durability, light weight and low maintenance
  • Multistage powder finishing process meets EPA standards and provides a tough corrosion-resistant finish


  • Application flexibility with numerous configuration options
  • All in one solution saves space and minimizes deployment time
  • Mounting options include remote placement and enclosure integration

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