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Cloud Solutions for Your Data Center​

In the fast-changing world of business, data centers play a central role in organizations, ensuring seamless data and application management. For reliable, smooth operations, companies need agile, scalable, and cost-effective solutions. Cloud computing is revolutionizing traditional data centers, making them more efficient and versatile than ever before. Below, we will explore some of the top benefits your business can gain from our cloud solutions.

Key Advantages of Cloud Solutions for Data Centers

Data centers have evolved significantly since their inception as mere server rooms. In response to the exponential growth of data and the need for instant access, businesses now require more than just physical infrastructure. Cloud solutions have become instrumental in redefining the way we manage data, offering a dynamic alternative to conventional data center models. Some of the main benefits of cloud solutions are as follows:


Cloud solutions enable seamless scaling of resources according to your needs. This eliminates the need for costly overprovisioning, ensuring efficient resource utilization.

Redundancy and Reliability

As your Local Vertiv Office, our cloud solutions are backed by high levels of redundancy and reliability. This means your data and applications are safeguarded against hardware failures, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

A key product to bolster redundancy and reliability is the Vertiv™ Liebert® EXL S1 UPS. It’s a monolithic, transformer-free UPS that features optimized, industry-leading footprint and power per square foot, excellent operating efficiency, and robust electrical protection. Additionally, its intelligent paralleling optimizes performance at partial load to achieve superior cost savings.


Whether you need to deploy new applications or expand your infrastructure, Vertiv’s cloud solutions can accommodate your requirements seamlessly. Our cloud solutions offer the flexibility to adapt swiftly to shifting market conditions of any kind.


Leading cloud providers, like Vertiv, invest significantly in security measures, including encryption, access controls, and regular audits. Believe it or not, your data is often more secure in a well-managed cloud environment than in an on-premises data center.

Disaster Recovery

With our Vertiv-powered cloud solutions, disaster recovery planning is simple. You can replicate your data and applications across multiple regions, ensuring business continuity even in the face of unforeseen events.

The Cloud Runs on Vertiv

Through Vertiv global solutions, Joe Powell and Associates takes a holistic view of projects, working with you from the initial requirements all the way through project execution.

We’ll tailor your solution based on your specific requirements, including any engineering, configuring, testing, and validating of products before getting started. This allows for rapid delivery and on-site assembly on your company’s behalf. Our solutions are supported by a global manufacturing and supply chain footprint, built on decades of industry leadership in data center and telecommunications applications.

Partner with Joe Powell and Associates

Ready to get started on cloud solutions for your data center? Trust the experts at Joe Powell and Associates – your Local Vertiv Office and direct link to everything Vertiv offers. For more information, visit Vertiv’s Colocation and Cloud brochure and contact us with any questions.

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